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The side group pictures above were taken during my art residency at Mariposa Museum, Peterborough, New Hampshire, Summer 2002

  An Artist's Statement

A diversified  and eclectic approach to creativity

  One of the greatest gifts in life is the gift of creativity. To come up with new and original thought and to bring it to shape and form, color and texture and even function. This is how I see my art. Although partially trained in art in Cleveland, Ohio, I immediately ventured into pathways unfamiliar to my professors, and right from the start I seized upon recycled materials which I refashioned, repainted or re-tooled into new eye-catching works of art. Over time I taught myself the craft of stenciling which lead me into the decorative arts and the direct influence of a late 18th century New England Journeyman called Moses Eaton. It was apparent to me that this early artisan was influenced by the patterns that emerge from nature. After moving to Harrisville, NH, I chose to live in an environment overwhelmed by the bounty of nature in this part of the United States. This influence of natural surroundings, combined with the hunt for antiques and rare surfaces to work upon, has brought me to the current point of my work, one of unusual assemblages in which I utilize old barnwood, antique wooden ironing boards, architectural pieces, chairs, parts of tables, trays etc. Each finished product is unique and tells it's own whimsical story. I am no doubt also influenced by my Eastern European ancestry of Hungarian and Lithuanian origin.